Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Beating breast cancer

As with any form of cancer, the earlier breast cancer is detected, the better the outlook is. With that in mind, make the most of breast cancer awareness month by learning the risk factors and how to self-check. If you find any changes in your breast, or have any concerns book an appointment with your GP.

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Fullerton Health Australia Careers

Our staff are our most valuable asset. As such, Fullerton Health Australia promotes a workplace culture of respect, tolerance, and diversity. We want our employees to reach their full potential, so we invest in every stage of clinical and professional careers. One way we do this is through The Fullerton Health Academy, which offers clinical and professional programs, training and ongoing development, to support GPs and health professionals to be the best they can be.

Fullerton Health Medical Centres

Fullerton Health Medical Centres is one of Australia’s leading primary healthcare providers with 61 clinics located throughout metropolitan and regional centres, comprising 46 medical centres, 4 dedicated skin clinics and a specialist breast clinic.

With a long history in providing healthcare services, our team of dedicated doctors, nurses and staff are genuinely passionate about the health and well being of our patients. We care about the communities in which we operate and work hard to ensure we deliver the very best healthcare to individuals and families.

Our services span all aspects of primary healthcare from general health assessments, paediatrics, travel medicine, skin checks, and chronic disease health assessments and management including diabetes and asthma. In many locations we also offer allied health services which will continue to expand, together with occupational health services.

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