Doctors, are you getting the most out of your GP career?

Is your current GP career making you happy, and giving you everything you wanted?
Is your medical practice working for you (rather than you working for it)?

Maybe it’s time to look at something different – for you, your lifestyle and the people who matter most to you.

You’re a GP and need to be looked after too.

We are Fullerton Health Medical Centres, the smaller corporate who cares for doctors.

We offer flexible recruitment and acquisition arrangements and can tailor a business partnership to suit your needs.

Further, our team strive to ensure that, in joining our network, you achieve your desired lifestyle, financial and clinical goals.

Discover a new level of career fulfilment with Fullerton Health and The Academy. Focus on what you do best. We do the rest.

Simply speak to us and visit one of our medical centres just in case you see that ‘something different’. Something that makes you smile and say, “I’d like to practise medicine here.”

If you find what your career is missing, you’re welcome to become part of our family of Medical Practices.

In summary, we’d like to welcome you to join us. Together, we can further Australian healthcare.

Our Doctors' well-being is as important as our Patients

Discover a new level of career fulfilment with Fullerton Health and The Academy. Focus on what you do best. We do the rest. We’d like to welcome you to join us, and together, we can further Australian healthcare. This is why we offer you the following benefits.

Work & life balance

Practice when you want to, in a way that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

People focused

Our personal relationships with GPs are at the centre of everything we do. You’re never just a number- you’re a valued and respected professional.

Adaptable and Agile

Our flexibility means we can respond quickly to your needs.

Professional practice support

We provide a highly trained practice team to help you every day, which includes practice managers, nurses and receptionists.

Clinical leadership, mentorship and collegiate support

Delivered via The Academy to keep you at the forefront of medicine. Each of our 61 clinics is actively involved in CPD, mentoring teaching and

Corporate support

We look after important business functions such as marketing, finance, human resources, legal and accreditation, so you can focus more on what you love.

Professional development

We provide opportunities to develop your areas of special interest to help you learn and grow as a GP through The Academy, at every stage of your career.

Investment in technology

Our level of infrastructure supports clinical best practice standards, including modern medical equipment and the latest I.T. services.

Australia-wide Network

Our clinics operate across the country in both metropolitan and regional locations.

Everything has really improved since working with Fullerton Health. I no longer have to manage the admin, the finances, staff or equipment, which has allowed me to do more of what I enjoy, which is practice medicine. Through their nursing support, I am now able to focus on my medical passions, such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Metabolic bone disease, which has made me feel far more content in my career as a Medical Professional. I am left alone to do what I do well and enjoy, which is the art of medicine and patient care, while Fullerton Health does what they do well, which is manage the business aspects. There’s no crossing over.

Dr Chrys Michaelides, Mater Hill Family Medical Centre, QLD

Having previously owned my own practice, I can’t be more pleased with Fullerton Health. I now appreciate not having to deal with day to day running of the managerial side. I will always recommend Fullerton to any colleague in a similar position. With Fullerton, I don’t need to worry about staffing issues or supply costs. I don’t need to cope with payroll, superannuation, worker’s compensation, staff absences, or rental increases. I don't have any reaccreditation hassles and no matter how costs escalate, I still receive my financial remuneration. I can also take holidays knowing that there are Doctors there to care for my patients. What more could you ask for as a GP?

Dr Greg Roberts - Barwell Medical Centre, NSW

The experience under Fullerton has been refreshingly positive and encouraging because their focus is on primary health care and they understand that the interface between clinician and patient is paramount. Fullerton Health understood our local concerns with respect to the state of our medical centre and have invested heavily in improving our patient and staff experience by upgrading clinical equipment and investing in refurbishments. Fullerton Health’s responses to our concerns and suggestions have always been very prompt and there has never been any barrier in communicating with their managers. They also have a contemporary policy with respect to information and communication technology which will improve access to better patient care. I have no hesitation in recommending Fullerton Health to other GPs.

Dr Mostyn Hamdorf – Dunsborough Medical Centre, WA

Fullerton Health is very GP orientated and proactive when it comes to supporting Doctors. Since partnering with them, I have been able to enjoy the freedom of aligning my time and attention towards my patients more closely. Everything they do is very encouraging, and if you’re a GP looking to cut down on your administrative work and make life easier for yourself, I would suggest Fullerton.

Dr Rod Taylor – Grovedale Medical Centre, VIC

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