It is important to manage medicines very carefully, therefore a home medicines review may be necessary. Not taking them properly, or mixing the wrong ones can have very serious consequences. You can ask for a free home medicines review by a pharmacist to highlight any potential problems and get advice that will help you manage.

What is a home medicines review (HMR) or domiciliary medication management review (DMMR)?

A home medicines review (HMR) is when an accredited pharmacist checks the medicines you are taking at home.

Doctors make sure you are receiving the right medicines for their condition. An HMR also makes sure you are taking those medicines correctly.

First, you will need a referral from your GP to a local pharmacist, a private pharmacist of your choice or one the doctor recommends. You will not need to pay for the home medicines review, but you may need to pay to see the GP.

The pharmacist will talk to you about the medicines you take. They will look at all medications including prescription medicines, over the counter medicines and vitamins and supplements. They will check everything is being taken correctly and hasn’t passed its use-by date; show you how to store medicines properly; suggest ways of helping you remember to take the right medicines at the right time; and suggest whether any medicines could be changed.

The pharmacist can also show you how to use and look after any medical devices the person may need, such as inhalers, blood pressure monitors and blood glucose monitors.

The pharmacist will write a report and send it to your GP. After going through it with you, the GP will then give you a Medication Management Plan.

If your circumstances change, you may need another HMR. For example, if they need to start taking new medicines. You can have a home medicines review every 12 months.

Is an HMR right for you?

It is a good idea to ask for an HMR if you:

  • are taking more than 5 medicines a day
  • are concerned about your medicines
  • do not always remember to take your medicines
  • take medicines that can have serious interactions with other medicines
  • feel unwell after taking medicines
  • are not feeling better on the medicines
  • have recently been in hospital
  • have recently had changes to the medicines you are taking

If you feel you would benefit from a Home Medicines Review, contact your nearest Fullerton Health Medical Centre.

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