Earlier this month, Sydney Breast Clinic was instrumental in delivering 138 potentially life-saving breast screening to women on Norfolk Island, a small Australian island 1,412kms off the mainland.

It was the first time the breast screening had been offered on the remote island, with women usually having to make the costly trip to the mainland for this important service, resulting in many women either going without or simply putting it off.

Angela Perrin, Practice Manager at Sydney Breast Clinic who along with Radiographer Jill Miller, helped run the clinic on Norfolk Island, says the original tender was to provide breast screening for 100 women, however there was such a great response to the initiative they screened 138 women over four days.

“The feedback was overwhelmingly positive. Both hospital staff and women being screened were so grateful to receive the potentially live saving breast screening,” Angela said.

“Some of the women had never been screened before and were nervous beforehand, but said we put them at ease and they expressed so much gratitude.”

A screening mammogram (breast x-ray) is the best method to detect breast cancer early for women over the age of 50.* When breast cancer is detected early, women have a much greater chance of being treated successfully and for most women the cancer will not come back after treatment.**

The screenings were offered to women 40 to 74 years of age and will be provided annually on Norfolk Island for at least five years, with hopes the contract will be extended further.

After the screenings, Sydney Breast Clinic breast specialist radiologists reviewed all the results and provided follow up advice as necessary.

“We’re proud to be involved in such an important initiative where we know, based on what the statistics tell us, will save lives,” Angela said.

“We look forward to continuing to support the health and well-being of the women of Norfolk Island for many years to come.”

Sydney Breast Clinic is a diagnostic and imaging service that has been providing superior breast care to their patients since 1978.

Sydney Breast Clinic forms part of Fullerton Health Australia who are leaders in occupational health, allied health, general practice, integrative medicine, third party administration, emergency assistance and response.

* Source: http://www.breastscreen.health.wa.gov.au/Breast-screening/About-screening-mammograms

** Source: https://www.cancer.org.au/about-cancer/early-detection/early-detection-factsheets/breast-cancer.html

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